财产 & 伤亡


Our approach to property and casualty insurance lends a reassurance unlike most; it’s more personal, 更直接的, 更有创造性. We don’t just deliver products, we develop long-term relationships built on trust. 十大赌博靠谱网络平台对你们的运作有很深的了解, 风险, 的态度, 和野心, then create holistic risk-management solutions from fully insured to deductible, 俘虏, 自我十大赌博靠谱网站平台计划. We’re proactive about preventing losses and help mitigate them if they occur. Our account management teams are readily available to expertly handle your admin needs. 现在你已经为任何事情做好了准备.

财产 & 意外险产品:

  • 财产
  • 伤亡
    • 一般责任
    • 汽车责任
    • 伞/过多的责任
  • 工人的补偿
  • 网络风险
  • 职业责任
    • Executive-Risk十大赌博靠谱网站平台
    • 董事 & 人员责任
    • 就业实践的责任
    • 受托责任
    • 犯罪
  • 行业特点:
    • 农业(作物)
    • 高等教育(教育者的法律责任)
    • 建设 (contractor/owner-controlled program, builders’ risk, bonds)
    • 运输 (liability, physical damage, cargo)

财产 & 受害者服务:

It is critical we gain a thorough understanding of the unique blend of your operations, 曝光, 以及对风险的态度. We start with a comprehensive review typically including the following:

  • 物理检查
  • Deep-dive interviews with senior leadership and key operational staff
  • 历史损失和索赔趋势分析, which can impact placement results (where there is sufficient data, 十大赌博靠谱网络平台完成统计损失预测)
  • A review of existing insurance policies and insurance program financial structures
  • A review of any current 风险控制 and loss-prevention initiatives

为现有客户续费, we repeat many of these steps to track operational changes, 监控当前十大赌博靠谱网站平台计划的执行情况, and ensure our unwavering understanding of the organization.

With risk-identification and analysis information in hand, we then begin the insurance-placement process with a strategic planning session where we:

  • Discuss potential risk-treatment techniques that may include a blend of avoidance, 保留, and/or risk transfer either through insurance or contract
  • Review the scope and structure of existing insurance programs to help ensure coverage, 译者/扣除, 限制是适当的, 然后决定是否需要做一些调整
  • Evaluate the state of the insurance marketplace and determine whether to market competitively or to renew with existing carriers

载体的选择: 十大赌博靠谱网站平台市场是动态的, and we devote tremendous time and energy to stay current on insurer capabilities and underwriting appetites. 十大赌博靠谱网络平台对市场的理解, 加上十大赌博靠谱网络平台大量的保费, puts us in a position of strength to carefully match you with suitable insurers and use our negotiating leverage.

承销提交: 在接近市场之前, we invest time to ensure we create a quality submission that accurately represents your operations, 曝光, 风险, 损失预防活动, 以及十大赌博靠谱网络平台对市场的新期望, 包括十大赌博靠谱网站平台, 结构的选择, 和定价.

谈判: We work with underwriters to push for the most advantageous options for you. We avoid surprises and work to keep you apprised of our negotiation progress.

更新报告: We prepare detailed comparisons of coverage terms and conditions, program financial factors (e.g.、十大赌博靠谱网站平台费、保留、免赔额、限额等.) and, if appropriate, alternative program structures. We review advantages and disadvantages of each alternative and make recommendations.

安置和持续监测: 一旦十大赌博靠谱网络平台实施了这个计划, we continue to monitor its performance throughout the year, 评估它的效果, 并在必要时进行修改.

As a true partner, we recognize our ongoing obligation to provide support 365 days a year. In order to ensure programs are running smoothly, we canDeliver binding confirmation documentation

  • 处理所有会计事务
  • 制定十大赌博靠谱网站平台时间表
  • See that policies are issued, checked for accuracy, and delivered as quickly as possible
  • Make policy modifications as changing circumstances require during the year
  • Promptly issue certificates of insurance and vehicle ID cards
  • 维护所有必需的数据库
  • Review insurance-related provisions in contracts and agreements
  • 现场报道问题
  • Keep you informed of relevant insurance marketplace, legal, or legislative issues or developments

The world of insurance claims is often unfamiliar, confusing, and complicated. That’s why we invest in claims advocates who have the expertise to guide you through the claims process, 提供的支持包括:

  • Reviewing existing claims reporting and claims handling procedures and/or developing new claims-handling agreements
  • 进行损失和储备分析
  • 审计选定的索赔文件
  • Working with brokerage-placement teams to prepare statistical analyses on claims data and trends for renewal submissions and underwriting negotiations
  • Monitoring carrier or third-party-administrator claims-handling performance
  • Keeping you informed of relevant insurance marketplace, legal, or legislative issues or developments

We invest in post-loss claim advocacy resources to help you manage claims that have already occurred. We also have loss-control consulting staff who are skilled at helping you design and implement pre-loss programs to limit or avoid claims 之前 他们发生. 十大赌博靠谱网络平台与您一起整合风险管理, 风险控制, and 损失预防活动 into your operations. We have an extensive suite of loss-control and safety services tailored to meet the needs of both general and specialized industries, 包括:

  • Evaluation of current programs, policies, and procedures
  • 安全检查
  • Loss-history trend analysis and operational risk identification
  • Loss-control and safety-program design and implementation
  • Onsite or online safety training for employees and supervisory staff
  • 法规遵从性(e).g., OSHA和DOT)
  • 员工和车队安全手册
  • 人体工程学评估和培训
  • Accident-investigation and loss-recovery protocols/procedures
  • 高额的程序